Regarding small capacity mobile podiums (between 40 and 60 m2 of open stage): The Company is the No. 1 in France and Europe thanks to its flagship product, the stage "STAGECAR". Some manufacturers tend to be better positioned in terms of price, but do not meet all the criteria of quality and safety standards (certified professional podiums).


This is the flagship product of EUROPODIUM. Nowadays over than 400 STAGECAR products are performing all around the world, from French communities at the World Cup in South Africa ... Probably the best-selling moving podium in the world.
Supply with a real movable stage from 36 to 60 m², a floor of 1 m and 3 or 4 m clearance, fully mechanical, requiring only a little maintenance, the whole structure of the roof and the floor is made of aluminium (no rust). The roof is made of circular tubes of 50mm diameter allowing the hook to hang the projector. The podium is completely toggled (not manipulation while operating); It feature a real storage compartment under the trailer and is completely covered when closed (equipment storage).To conclude, a real high-performance equipment, devoted to professional companies.

The trailers weigh less than 3500 kg (EB driving licence compulsory).


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