Regarding small capacity mobile podiums (between 40 and 60 m2 of open stage): The Company is the No. 1 in France and Europe thanks to its flagship product, the stage "STAGECAR". Some manufacturers tend to be better positioned in terms of price, but do not meet all the criteria of quality and safety standards (certified professional podiums).

PRO 24

Europodium manufactures a range of covered moving podiums: the Pro 13, 18 and 24 are the first models of podiums.

Simple and effectiveit covers within 15 minutes an area of 13-24 m2. The trailer can be used to transport various equipment (barriers, practicable,booths). The booths structure is aluminum and mounted in less than 2 minutes (it can also be used for other events). Fasteners at the 4 corners of the trailer can set the booth.

This system is efficient and versatile for a mixed moving podium.


PRO 13 PRO 18 PRO 24
Lenght (A) 5,95 m 7,45 m 7,45 m
Width (B) 2,22 m 2,22 m 2,32 m
Hauteur Flooring 0,80 m 0,80 m 0,75 m
Weight 640 kg 850 kg 1090 kg
2500 kg 2500 kg 2500 kg
Essieux 2 2 2
Covered stand
Lenght x Width 4,5x3 m 6x3 m 6x4 m
Structure aluminium aluminium aluminium
Type polyester & polyuréthane M2 polyester & polyuréthane M2 polyester & polyuréthane M2
Color Your choice Your choice Your choice

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