Regarding benches/stands used during sport events, the Company is among the top 3 dealers in France. This position is steadily improving.


And for over 15 years from now, Europodium has manufactured a covered 122-seat movable bleacher entirely mechanical, requiring only a little maintenance; the whole structure of the roof and floor is made of aluminum (no rust).
The movable bleacher is fitted in less than two hours by two people, a record time for such a product.

This model of stand can also be supplied without roof and can be used for both internal and external events.


Eurogradin® 122 Eurogradin® 122ST Eurogradin® VIP
Lenght (A) 9,50 m 9,50 m 10,50 m
Width (B) 2,50 m 2,50 m 2,50 m
Height (C) 3,85 m 3,85 m 4 m
Weight 3,5 T 3,5 T 3,5 T
Signaling CEE CEE CEE
Lenght x Width 8x7 m 8x7 m 9x7 m
Resistance 500 kg/m² 500 kg/m² 500 kg/m²
Surface 56 m² 56 m² 63 m²
Number of places 122 122 130
Lenght x Width 8,7 m
Clearance 4,94 m
Type Fabric M2
Resistance au vent
Baché 72 km/h
Without fabric 110 km/h

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