Regarding benches/stands used during sport events, the Company is among the top 3 dealers in France. This position is steadily improving.


Our BUTTERFLY covered moving scenes are intended to be installed in stadiums and other lawns, the low-pressure tires are designed so as not to mark the lawn and damage the pipes passing under the lawn.
The BUTTERFLY covered moving podiums are installed in a few minutes and are perfect for your media events during the half time or before and after the match...

The 50 butterfly unfolds while it is being towed.


Papillon 50 Papillon 100
Lenght (A) 7,80 m 10 m
Width (B) 2,45 m 2,50 m
Height (C) 2,85 m 3 m
Weight 2,48 T 3,20 T
Signaling CEE CEE
Lenght x Width 7,80x7,80 m 10x10 m
Central flooring 7,80x1,89 m
Ground flooring height 0,90 à 1,10 m 1,40 m
Resistance 500 kg/m² 500 kg/m²
Surface 48 m²
Type Exterior flooring Exterior flooring

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